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­LightRx is a comprehensive med spa that offers a wide array of services designed to help you achieve a body aesthetic that will make you happy to look in a mirror. Whether you want to melt away unwanted fat in problem areas, tighten wrinkled skin, reduce cellulite, or remove unwanted hair LightRx Charlotte has a solution for you.

All our procedures are FDA and clinically approved. We use cutting edge medical technology for both an extremely effective and comfortable treatment experience. Our office is located downtown in Sharon Square and is the best med spa Charlotte has to offer.


Body Contouring

LightRx in Charlotte offers any sort of body contouring you need with state-of-the-art medical technology that focuses on patient comfort as well as results. Our treatments can help you to reduce fat, remove cellulite, or tighten wrinkled skin, and the best part is that it is all noninvasive and surgery free.

Body contouring can assist you in eliminating fat in the abdomen, thighs, and “love handles” that has not gone away despite your best efforts to erase it. Body contouring can help you go down a dress size by redefining your waistline.

It can help you look better in your favorite pair of jeans by lifting and shaping your buttocks, or you can simply feel good about the way you look in the mirror after body contouring has firmed up the curve of your hips or flattened out your stomach. If you want to learn more about our body contouring treatments, you can here.

Cellulite Reduction

If you are dissatisfied with your skin because of cellulite and want a smoother, tighter look on your thighs or stomach LightRx in Charlotte can help you. Cellulite is caused by a combination of fatty deposits and broken-down collagen fibers in the skin. We utilize FDA-approved, non-invasive devices that use a combination of electromagnetic pulses, low level lasers, and radio frequencies to melt fat and reduce cellulite by triggering your body’s natural healing process.

Once the skin is heated to therapeutic temperature it activates a response in the body that triggers the formation of new collagen, which in turn contracts and tightens, reducing the appearance of cellulite. The procedure offers a painless and effective way to reduce cellulite and give you smoother, firmer skin.

Skin Tightening

LightRx in Charlotte is equipped to help you tighten your wrinkled or loose skin in any problem area. If you have loose skin in the arms, abdomen, thighs, or chin LightRx can help you to tighten it. We use electromagnetic pulses and radio frequencies which heats your skin causing a thermal reaction in your skin, which triggers the skin’s natural healing abilities. This is done by the body forming new collagen underneath the surface layer of the skin, which contracts and then tightens. This works with both wrinkled and loose skin and can be applied to any problem area on the body.

Laser Lipo

If you are at your wits end with fat in stubborn problem areas in the stomach, thighs, arms or flanks, then laser lipo may be the answer you need. If you are considering traditional liposuction you should consider laser lipo instead and LightRx offers laser lipo in Charlotte.

Laser lipo is a minimally invasive medical procedure that melts fat away under the skin. It is an alternative to a more invasive and intense common liposuction treatment as it does not involve any incision or vacuuming. It is proven to eliminate fat and help you to achieve the body that you want.

Laser lipo will not result in any downtime, so you will be able to leave the clinic after your treatment and return directly to your daily activities, regardless of what that entails. Because of its noninvasive nature laser lipo is significantly less risky than traditional liposuction and results in a lot fewer cases of infections or scarring. Laser lipo is safe, effective, and efficient. It works by using low level laser beams that are released through treatment pads to break down stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol.

These free fatty acids and glycerol are released into the body through the cell membranes and transported around the body to various tissues where it waits to be burnt off through post-treatment exercise. Because these fatty acids are from a specific part of the body when you exercise after your treatment that is where you will see the reduction in size. You can read more about laser lipo treatments here.

Laser Hair Removal

If you are tired of constantly shaving unwanted hair or having to get hair waxed LightRx offers laser hair removal in Charlotte. Laser hair removal is a more permanent solution to unseemly hair. It can be used to remove hair from legs, upper lip, armpit, chest, back, or bikini area and after eight sessions 90-95% of hair will be removed. It works by not just simply destroying hair outside the skin, but eliminating the hair follicle, which means that the hair cannot grow back at all. Hair has three phases of growth and is only affected by laser light during its active growth phase, during this phase the melanin in the follicle will attract the laser light, causing it to overheat and be damaged. This may sound dangerous, but in fact it is completely safe as the skin itself is not affected, only the mechanics of the follicle.

In fact, the skin is left smoother than normal, as there are no nicks, razor bumps, stubble, or ingrown hairs after the procedure. Because of the nature of the procedure hair does not grow back because it is not physically able to, which means you will not have to worry about shaving or waxing ever again. If you would like to know more about laser hair removal you can find information here.

If you would like to learn more about LightRx in Charlotte please call (704) 307-2562 or schedule a free consultation. These consultations take as little as 30 minutes and are private one on one consultations with the clinic director. These consultations are designed to help you determine what treatment plan is best for you and to help you achieve a body you can be proud of.

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