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Benefits of Skin Resurfacing: Venus Glow vs IPL PhotoFacial

Benefits of Skin Resurfacing: Venus Glow vs IPL PhotoFacial

Skin resurfacing is one of the most beneficial rejuvenation treatments around. The benefits include improved texture, removal of surface impurities and elimination of scars, wrinkles and an overall younger look and feel to skin.

While modern skin resurfacing allows for painless, comfortable treatment with virtually no downtime or side effects, there are multiple technologies that our clients can choose from—including Venus Glow and IPL Photofacial.

To help you better understand and select the right LightRx skin treatment for you, here is our breakdown of both Venus Glow and IPL Photofacial treatments.

Venus Glow

Venus Glow™ is a facial rejuvenation treatment that opens up pores to effectively remove dirt, oil and other impurities from the skin’s surface. Using a three-step approach, the technology deep-cleans pores resulting in a comfortable treatment that leaves your skin feeling noticeably and immediately healthier, cleaner and more hydrated.

Results from Venus Glow™ are instant, and treatments can be performed as often as once a week depending on the individual and initial condition of the treated area. In addition to deep cleaning, Venus also works to prep skin for additional treatments, making it perfect for combining with other LightRx technologies.

During the treatment itself, Venus Glow™ simply feels like a gentle, cooling suction. There is zero pain, downtime or discomfort associated, and clients often report a state of deep relaxation and revitalization during application. After treatment, your skin will show an instant glow, and you’ll be able to apply makeup immediately.

IPL Photofacial

More complex than Venus Glow™, the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Photofacial is a superior solution for improving skin complexion, reducing irregularities and looking younger overall. In just six sessions, IPL Photofacial improves the appearance of age spots, sun damage, redness, freckles and vascular lesions like spider veins and port-wine stains.

IPL Photofacial can be used on any area of your body, but treatment is most often applied to the face, neck, chest, legs, hands and arms. You also might want to wait to plan your beach trip until after the procedure—up to one month prior, individuals are asked to avoid direct, excessive sun exposure or tanning to ensure maximum effect.

After treatment, the skin will continue to look younger and more brilliant over time, with most visible results after 1-2 weeks. Sun damage and skin complexion results can be seen a few days after the first session. For vascular treatments, results can be seen immediately. Any side effects are minimal and resolve within a few hours post-procedure.


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