Facial Laser Hair Removal

Facial Laser Hair Removal

If you’re looking for a medical spa treatment that can help you achieve permanent facial hair removal look no further than facial laser hair removal from LightRx. Our team of experienced cosmetic professionals will help you get rid of those pesky hairs once and for all. 

This page will explain what facial laser hair removal is, how it works, and what clients can expect from this treatment. It will also answer a few of the most frequently asked questions that our medical spa staff hear about facial laser hair removal.

When you are ready to experience silky-smooth, hair-free skin – you can schedule a free personal consultation with one of our experienced cosmetic professionals. They will review your medical history and ask you questions surrounding your cosmetic and contour goals. They will use the information you provide to create a personal treatment plan for your facial hair removal treatment. 

Your personal treatment plan will provide you with all the information you will need including how many treatments you will need to receive and when you will need to receive them to achieve your cosmetic goals. It will also have information about adjacent medical spa treatments you can utilize to exceed your goals. 

Possible adjacent medical spa treatments you may choose to utilize include laser fat removal, laser lipo, skin tightening, and skin rejuvenation.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal uses a highly concentrated beam of light to target individual strands of unwanted facial hair. The intense heat from the laser is absorbed by the melanin in each hair strand, resulting in the destruction of each follicle. This prevents future growth and leaves you with smooth skin.

What to Expect From Laser Hair Removal

The laser hair removal process is safe and effective. You may experience a mild sting during the procedure which will quickly dissipate. After the treatment, you can expect some redness and swelling, but these symptoms will typically fade away within a few days allowing you to enjoy your smooth skin once again. 

What Is Venus Viva Technology?

The Venus Viva technology is a state-of-the-art system for laser hair removal that combines NanoFractional Radio Frequency Technology (RF) and SmartPulse technologies to deliver fast and effective results. The RF energy of the device safely heats the skin, while SmartPulse technology precisely controls both temperature and energy level. This combination allows our medical spa experts to customize treatments specifically to meet each individual’s needs.

How Does Venus Viva Work?

The Venus Viva technology uses a small handheld device that applies micro-needles and radio frequency waves to the skin. The micro-needles gently open up the pores, allowing the radio frequency technology to reach the root of each hair follicle and disable it from producing more hairs.

Venus Viva works for laser full face hair removal, as well as laser for facial hair and laser hair removal on neck and chin. It can also be used on other areas of the body including underarm laser hair removal, bikini laser hair removal, and leg laser hair removal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about facial hair removal. Please contact one of our LightRx locations if you have any questions or concerns not addressed on this page.

What Is Facial Laser Hair Removal?

Facial laser hair removal is a medical spa treatment that uses light energy to target and destroy hair follicles. The treatment utilizes the Venus Viva technology which applies small pulses of heat to each individual hair follicle on the face, disabling it from producing more hairs. With consistent treatments, clients can experience permanent hair reduction.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Most clients report feeling a mild stinging or prickling sensation while undergoing the treatment but it is not considered painful. and some may experience redness, swelling, or minor irritation afterwards

What Are the Side Effects?

Most clients do not experience any serious or long-lasting side effects. However, some clients may experience redness, swelling, and minor irritation that can last up to a few hours or days.

Is Facial Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Both facial laser hair removal and laser chin hair removal are considered to be permanent solutions for unwanted facial hairs, but maintenance treatments will likely be needed in order to maintain the desired results over time.

What Is the Lifetime Promise?

LightRx offers a lifetime promise for all of its laser hair removal services. Should you continue to experience the growth of new facial hairs after completing a series of 10 treatments with us, any further needed treatment sessions will be provided at a discount of 90%.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

The number of treatments needed depends on each individual’s skin and hair type. Generally speaking, most clients will need several treatments spaced several weeks apart in order to achieve the desired results.

Ready for a Silky-Smooth and Hair-Free Face?

If you’re ready to experience a smooth, hair-free face, contact LightRx today. Our medical spa experts are here to help you reach your goals through personalized treatments and reliable solutions. 

Don’t let unwanted facial hairs stop you from looking and feeling your best- schedule your free personal consultation today! Take the first step towards achieving permanently smooth skin – you won’t regret it. 



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