Insights from a Man in the Beauty Industry

Beauty services have commonly been used by women who want to improve their physical appearance. In the last five years, the industry has seen an increase among men who are relying on treatments such as body contouring and laser hair removal to look good. Men are becoming more conscious of how treatments can improve their body, face and self confidence. President of LightRx, Rich Morgan provides his insights on the beauty industry, men’s services and more.

How did you start in the beauty industry and what changes have you seen?

I started in the industry in 1998 and I continue to enjoy the impact beauty has on other people’s lives, from those that work at our clinics to clients and their results. It’s empowering to see those who come through our doors grow their self confidence and achieve their goals. The industry has come far in the last 20 years. In the beginning, laser hair removal was the only treatment companies focused on, but now, we are seeing ground-breaking innovations in skin, body and face treatments. It’s amazing to see what we are able to accomplish without surgery and downtime to feel our best selves!

Tell us why LightRx is not just for women, but is also here to serve and empower men?

Everyone can benefit from what we offer! 25% of LightRx clients are men and this number continues to grow, as men learn more about the benefits in utilizing our services to meet their physical goals. We help men target areas of the body that may be more stubborn to get rid of. Going to the gym three to four times a week may not be enough to get the look you are going for, but with our services and technologies, we are here to help men on their journey to achieve their goals.Whether you walk past a mirror or before you walk out the door everyday, it’s important to feel confident in the results you are seeing.Treatments can help further that self-confidence to get the body in shape or enhance your facial appearance.

What misconceptions might men have about medspa treatments, and how can LightRx be a partner in changing minds?

The stigma of beauty or medspa treatments being only for women has changed over time. We still have work to do, but men shouldn’t be afraid of these treatments because they ultimately will gain more confidence and be a better version of themselves. We’ve always heard that in order to get the results we’re looking for, we must exercise, eat right, drink water and take vitamins. These tips are still important for great health, but it doesn’t hurt to intervene within the process. Another misconception is men receiving facials, but men can also experience a healthy glow for skin to look and feel younger right away. Men are also finding their way to products like botox and injectables because it’s a fast solution to remove unwanted lines in the face and elevate the look of their appearance. Male clients owe it to themselves to try beauty or medspa treatments because it’s an amazing experience to find their self confidence.

What LightRx treatments would you recommend for men?

Body contouring is one treatment that tightens the skin around the waistline, which can be a difficult area to lose fat. We offer state-of-the-art body contouring technologies that are safe and effective with no downtime to get clients back to their daily lives! In addition to a body treatment, you can pair your experience with a facial! As we are all aging and getting wrinkles, facials are great to control how we age. Laser hair removal is also perfect to minimize hair on the back, chest and neck areas. Treat2Complete is my favorite service because it uses the Venus Bliss technology—which is a laser that melts and destroys fat, combined with the Venus Legacy technology to tighten the skin and remove dead fat cells.

Why is National Men’s Health Month the right time to get started?

Men should take control of their health, embrace treatments that are proven to deliver results and instill a greater sense of self! We are currently offering a percentage off on all treatments, so I encourage men to visit one of clinics to try something new that could help them in the long run.

What makes LightRx the best place to go for MedSpa needs?

LightRx is the best place to go because of our people! Our clinic directors and teams are the best in the industry because they are passionate about your success as a client, encouraging each other and knowledgeable about treatments and technology. We strive to build relationships with clients to help them feel comfortable and guide them to achieve their overall goals.


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