Non-surgical Fat Reduction, What to Expect?

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction, What to Expect?

What is Non-surgical Fat Reduction?

Non-surgical fat reduction is just that, fat reduction without surgery. Typically, medical treatments for fat reduction involve some sort of surgery, such as liposuction. However, surgery of any kind comes with the risks of surgery.

Traditional surgical liposuction can cause infection, leave scarring, or even cause internal damage. It also comes with downtime, sometimes lasting up to a week. Non-surgical fat reduction avoids all these pitfalls. Namely it is completely non-invasive, and surgery free. The skin itself is never broken, meaning there is no risk for scarring, and minimal risk for any sort of serious side effects.

Non-surgical fat reduction comes in a few forms, but a popular one is laser lipo. Laser lipo uses laser technology to melt away fat beneath the skin. It is most useful for people trying to lose stubborn body fat that will not go away despite diet and exercise. However, it can be useful for people in every stage of the weight loss journey.

How Does it Work?

Laser lipo uses low level laser beams that are released through treatment pads to heat the fat beneath the skin. This heat breaks down stored fat into free fatty acids and glycerol. These free fatty acids and glycerol are released into the body through the cell membranes. Once they are released, they are transported around the body to various muscles where it waits to be burnt off during post treatment exercises.

Typically, when you exercise the body needs extra energy to continue to function. The body finds this energy by releasing any stored fat content from anywhere in the body. Laser liposuction uses the low-level beams to preempt this release of fat cells from a targeted area of the body, so when you exercise the fat has already been released.

This means that the fat is only burned from the targeted area, and not randomly from the body. Therefore, the fat is reduced from the targeted area. In a sense, laser lipo melts fat away so your body can easily process it out with some exercise.

The Technology

LightRx’s most popular laser lipo treatment is the Venus Bliss™ Non-Invasive Laser Lipolysis system. It is clinically validated for fat reduction and provides a more contoured look, with a focus on client comfort. It employs 1064 nm diode laser applicators to induce lipolysis. This leads to a reduction of excess fat in the target area. The Venus Bliss™ focuses on client care and comfort through its technology. It features 4 diode laser applicators that can be activated individually and placed in various configurations. This flexibility allows it to form fit to nearly any client.

These applicators have uniform energy distribution across sapphire crystals which evenly heat the target tissue (unlike CoolSculpting). This technique eliminates hot spots in small areas that could cause discomfort or pain during treatment. Each applicator is also equipped with tissue contact sensors that ensure a safe and therapeutic effect. The lasers also measure temperature to regulate heat and ensure client comfort.

The Venus Bliss™ also comes equipped with the (MP)2 applicator with VariPulse™ technology. This is a separate treatment but can provide clients with a solution to smooth out the abdominal area as part of the weight loss treatment and can also reduce cellulite on the body. It is powered by Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulse Electro Magnetic Fields with VariPulse™ which helps fat removal.

It utilizes dual multi-polar electrode crowns as well as a unique array of electrodes for a quick and efficient treatment of large areas. This wonderful applicator delivers significant depth of impact for a greater reduction of fat.

How Many Sessions do I need?

Typically, people need about four to six sessions for optimal results. It depends on the area of the target area in addition to several other personal factors. Everyone’s body is different, and LightRx takes that into consideration.

How much Downtime is There?

One of the major perks of being a surgery free and noninvasive treatment is that there is no downtime. You can leave our medspa and return to your normal daily life.

 Is Non-surgical Fat Reduction Painful?

In short, no, it is not painful. Many do not even experience major discomfort and liken it to being slapped by a rubber band. However, not everyone’s pain tolerance is the same, and there are some precautionary measures that can be taken. If you are worried about pain being a factor for you, be sure to mention that to us during your consultation.

What is Next?

If you would like to learn more be sure to schedule a consultation. The best way to know exactly what treatment is right for you is by calling us at 877-721-4547 and scheduling a consultation in one of our offices. These consultations take as little as 30 minutes and are private one on one consultations with the clinic director.

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