Warning: Don’t Try This Skincare at Home

From face masks to hair removal, a plethora of do-it-yourself tips, tricks and hacks are swarming the internet. Although some at-home beauty experiments are fun and budget-friendly, others are not worth the hassle. Many treatments, if executed poorly, can do more harm than good and result in drastic skin repercussions, including scarring, chemical burns or worse! Avoid compromising your healthy, glowing skin at home and trust our skincare professionals when it comes to these four treatments.

1. Body Contouring

Even with a strict diet and a consistent exercise routine, everyone struggles with stubborn fat cells that just won’t go away! Some of us will do anything to achieve our ultimate body goals. Ab vibration belts claim to do the work for you, but you’ll quickly learn that these electric fat-burning belts do not make your problem areas miraculously disappear.

Save your money and try Body Contouring! Whether you want to go down a dress size or look great in your favorite pair of jeans, body contouring will redefine your waistline and lift and shape your buttocks. As an added bonus, this non-invasive treatment can also reduce wrinkling, remove cellulite or melt away stubborn fat revealing a toned and fit body.

2. Laser Hair Removal

Waxing, shaving, threading, plucking – the list of hair removal methods is never-ending. If you’re on the hunt for a permanent solution, one thing is certain, avoid at-home laser hair removal devices at all costs! These intricate DIY gadgets not only elongate the hair removal process but can also be extremely dangerous, causing blistering, burns and eye damage.

Play it safe and opt for a Laser Hair Removal treatment performed by a LightRx professional instead. Safe and effective, this treatment destroys hairs at the root and renders the hair follicle inactive, leaving the skin feeling smooth. Once you’ve completed a series of treatment sessions, you can throw out your razors and depilatory creams for good, saving more money in the long run.

3. Skin Tightening

As we grow older, loose and wrinkled skin is a problem that we all must eventually face. Our vanities can quickly become filled with creams boasting lifting and firming benefits when searching for a more youthful look. However, even the best-rated creams with extremely convincing claims are poorly formulated and have no lasting value for the skin.

With new technologies such as our laser Skin Tightening treatment, tackling signs of aging has never been easier. As the name suggests, this treatment uses lasers along with other technology to transform wrinkled or loose skin into tight, firm and vibrant skin. After a series of quick and easy sessions, you’ll be able to ditch the creams and shorten your daily skincare routine.

4. Lip Injections

Full lips have become the latest ongoing trend, and while some have mastered various makeup-enhancing techniques, others have taken a much riskier path to achieve the perfect pout. Devices such as suction cup lip plumpers may be a quick and cost-effective solution for thin lips, but keep in mind that bruising, swelling and misalignment of the teeth can occur if overused.

With the help of our expert clinic technicians, Botox and Filler injectables can help you achieve the luscious, plump lips of your dreams gradually while maintaining a natural-looking pout. Not sure if you’re ready to commit to a new look? The biggest advantage of lip injections is that they’re long-lasting but not permanent, giving you the ability to update your look however you’d like.

BONUS: Jan Marini Skin Care

Give your skin some extra love at home with Jan Marini Skin Care products! When paired with LightRx ​​Face & Body Treatments, these innovative products amplify your treatment results and measurably improve the appearance of common skin conditions like fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dark spots and redness.

While some skincare DIYs are worthwhile, many treatments are better left to the professionals. Book a free consultation with our highly trained staff and design a custom treatment plan made just for you and your unique goals!


What was your worst DIY disaster? Let us know in the comments below.

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