Fall Beauty Essentials

From pumpkin spice to everything nice, fall is here, with so many things to love about the season! Now that the weather and leaves are changing, so does your overall look—are you looking forward to cozy sweaters or fashionable boots? One thing to get excited about is changing your beauty and skin care routine to blend with cooling temperatures. Regional Director Emily Lopez shares tips on how you can update your beauty essentials to match the fall season.

How does changing weather impact the skin?

Our skin tends to dry in the colder months due to a lack of moisture in the air. Whether it’s moisturizing more or applying hyaluronic acid to help the skin stretch and reduce wrinkles, it’s best to adjust our skin care and beauty routine as the weather changes so our skin can stay healthy and glowy. The types of products we use to care for our skin plays a major role in the appearance of our face. The Jan Marini Skin Care Management System has been amazing for my skin when seasons change because it comes with all the products needed for a full regimen. Visit LightRx today to grab some Jan Marini products so you can be ready for the first wave of cool.

What treatments do you recommend for the face when the seasons change?

I recommend a HydraFacial treatment to enhance the appearance of the face because it infuses serums into the skin while also removing any dead skin cells on the outer surface. Regardless of your skin affliction, skin type or skin sensitivity, HydraFacial can help you achieve glowing results! A HydraFacial treatment can treat fine lines and wrinkles, loose skin, uneven tones, rough skin, hyperpigmentation, oily and congested skin, and enlarged pores. Plus, HydraFacial helps provide a smooth base for your makeup application while giving you that healthy glow everyone wants. Now is the best time to book a HydraFacial treatment at your local LightRx—your skin will appreciate the confidence you’re putting into it!

What products do you look forward to changing in the fall?

There’s a big difference in our beauty products when transitioning from summer to fall. For example, during the summer many people wear less makeup because it’s hot and humid, or they embrace lighter shades on the lips and eyes for the perfect pop in the sun. When updating your product list, it’s important to maintain as much moisture as possible. Consider switching to an oil-based primer in the fall to hydrate the skin and choose moisturizing foundations such as CC creams or a fuller coverage option to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. Changing your makeup colors from light to dark can add just the right amount of flare to complete your overall look. Ttry a smokey eye for a dramatic effect, a burnt orange or rosewood color blush or apply a bold lip with darker lipstick shades like raspberry, plum purple and more.


Even as the seasons change, LightRx has treatments and products available for you to achieve your beauty goals. As a regional director at LightRx, I’m passionate about helping our knowledgeable technicians be successful so that success translates to every client from their journey and results to their overall confidence!


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