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What To Expect From a LightRx Glow Club Membership

Are you ready to glow like never before? The LightRx Glow Club is here to be your new beauty BFF with discounts, exclusive offers and fabulous beauty perks made just for you! Whether you’re a regular or pop in a few times a year, Glow Club rewards you for using the products, services and treatments you love. Check out what you can expect from a LightRx Glow Club Membership. 

Annual Beauty Boost 

One of the great perks of the LightRx Glow Club is 20 free units of Botox each year! Botox, made from botulinum toxin, works by relaxing your facial muscles, giving you a smooth, youthful look we all love. But the benefits don’t stop there! As a glow club member, you’ll get amazing discounts on injectables like Botox at $8.75 per unit and Jeuveau, another great option to reduce wrinkles, at $7.75 per unit. 

If you’re into fillers, another sweet perk gets you 50% off your second syringe. Think of all the options to save on— Juvederm to restore facial volume, Voluma for filling in hollow cheeks, Kybella for erasing double chins, Volbella for subtle lip enhancement and Vollure for smoothing laugh lines around lips. Becoming a Glow Club member keeps you looking your best and your beauty routine affordable.

Silky Smooth 

Say goodbye to pesky stubble and get one free laser hair removal treatment on the underarms or upper lip each year—a fabulous perk of a Glow Club membership. Laser hair removal works by using laser light to destroy hair follicles at the root, and unlike traditional methods, it’s a permanent solution that saves time and money. Most see visible results after one treatment and can be up to 90-95% hair-free after eight sessions. Show off smooth, bump-free skin with complete confidence as a proud member of our Glow Club! 

Shimmering Skin

Level up your skin care game instantly with one HydraFacial per year! HydraFacial is a rejuvenating skin treatment that exfoliates and hydrates the skin, providing instant, noticeable results with zero downtime. The process involves a simple three-step routine of cleansing and exfoliating to uncover new skin, extracting and hydrating to remove impurities, and finally, fusing and protecting with antioxidants and peptides to maximize your glow. In 30 minutes, HydraFacial leaves your skin smooth, reduces fine lines and improves texture, all while boosting your confidence and overall skin health. 

Glow On 

As a LightRx Glow Club Member, you get 10% off all Jan Marini Skin Research products, which is perfect for anyone looking to elevate the appearance of their skin. Voted “The Best Skin Care System ” 13 years in a row by NewBeauty Magazine’s Annual Beauty Awards, the Jan Marini Skin Care Management System is a curated, multi-step skin rejuvenation routine that delivers impressive results quickly. From cleanser to sunscreen, this hydrating skin care kit is packed with everything you need for healthy, youthful skin, like vitamin C, peptides, growth factors and more. Visit your local LightRx clinic to leave fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture and sun damage in the past with the power of Jan Marini products, all at a sweet Glow Club discount. 

Unlock Extra Savings, Perks and Discounts

For gorgeous skin, pair your Jan Marini Skin Research products with LightRx Medspa treatments. A magical transformation happens when these advanced products and treatments work together to target fat, cellulite and aging skin. With a LightRx Glow Club membership, you can snag 5% off any treatment packages like Treat2Complete, TriBella, Body Contouring, Skin Rejuvenation and more! 

Looking for some birthday freebies? Enjoy a $200 birthday discount and points for referring your besties or for every $1 you spend. Keep track of your appointments, points and discounts in the LightRx app, making your beauty experience a breeze! 

Joining the LightRx Glow Club gives you the ultimate insider pass to confident, youthful beauty! With fabulous discounts on injectables and treatments, a free HydraFacial and more, your membership is packed with value. If you’re wondering what to expect from a LightRx Glow Club membership, it’s all about creating a more glowing, confident and beautiful you. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the LightRx Glow Club and start your beauty journey today! 


At LightRx, we offer complimentary consultations and treatment plans that help you achieve your desired results. Schedule a consultation today and try our non-surgical solutions for a new you!

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