Best Cosmetic Treatments for Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin condition that affects many people. It is most common in middle aged white women but can affect anyone. It is characterized by the flushed look and visible blood vessels in the face. Often it will produce small, pus-filled bumps.


It can be mistaken for acne, general ruddiness, or some other skin condition. It will sometimes flare up for weeks and then go away for a while, only to flare up again sometime after. Its main symptoms include facial flushing, visible veins, swollen bumps, burning sensation, eye problems, and enlarged nose.


While there is no cure for rosacea, if you are affected by this skin condition in any form there are cosmetic treatments for rosacea available to you.


Lifestyle Changes


The first thing you can do to help improve your rosacea is to change some of you living habits. Taking care of your body physically tends to have benefits for your skin.


Direct sunlight and stress are two of the main triggers for rosacea, which means that avoiding both can help reduce the appearance of rosacea symptoms. Additionally, spicy foods or coffee can trigger the symptoms, so avoiding these can help to reduce the flare ups. Anything that will heat up the face or send excess blood to the face can trigger the symptoms.


If you are not using sunscreen to protect your face from the sun’s harmful UV rays then you should be, especially if you have rosacea. Long term exposure to the sun can trigger flare ups and worsen rosacea over time. If you can, try to get a natural sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to avoid further skin irritation. SPF 30 or higher works best for preventing damage and avoiding further flare ups.




Another cosmetic treatment for rosacea is topical creams. While there are some over the counter creams that may help to alleviate some of the rosacea symptoms, your best topical solutions are prescription creams.


The best two options are Rhofade and Soolantra. Both are daily creams that specifically target the main symptoms of Rosacea. They reduce the redness, bumps, and blemishes and work for anyone.


Moreover, most clients begin to see a difference relatively quickly, only a couple of weeks. Full results may take three months of daily application. The creams do have some moderate side effects. These include itching, burning, and stinging.


Laser Treatment


By far the best, and most effective cosmetic treatment for rosacea is laser treatment. LightRx’s skin rejuvenation treatment is perfect for rosacea. Laser treatment can help alleviate symptoms in even the most severe cases of rosacea. There are two pieces of technology that we use to treat rosacea.


The first is the Venus Viva™. Venus Viva™ combines NanoFractional™ Radio Frequency (RF) and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields with SmartScan™ technology to safely deliver reparative heat to deeper layers of the skin without causing harm to any of the surrounding tissue. The RF tightens existing collagen fibers in the dermis while stimulating collagen production cells (fibroblast) to make new collagen for the skin.


The second is the Aerolase Neo Elite. There are many benefits to using the Aerolase Neo Elite, but they can be summed up in four categories. The first is its unmatched efficacy. The deep penetration and high power of the laser allows for a wide range of treatment for skin conditions of all types on skin of all types.


The second is the Neo Elite’s range of unique beam profiles. The beam can reach large spot sizes of up to 10mm, which is big for a concentrated laser, and 1.5msec pulse durations. This allows for treatment of a wide range of conditions.


Third, because of the unique nature of this technology, the Aerolase Neo Elite is versatile. The wavelength options, in conjunction with the 650-microsecond technology, allows for treatment of several conditions that would classically require a number of different lasers.


Finally, since the Neo Elite delivers high amounts of energy within a short pulse time, a lot of the already minimal side effects are even less likely. The targeted area is the only area affected, and surrounding tissue is not at risk of being overheated. This eliminates potential burns, scarring, or purpura.


Both pieces of technology work in the same way. The laser targets the capillaries. These capillaries are the tiny blood vessels in the skin that are malfunctioning and causing the rosacea. These capillaries in the skin are heated up and this heat causes the capillaries to shrivel up and die. The lasers are accurate enough to target the capillaries without damaging the surrounding skin.


If you are interested in learning more about our treatments and want to know more, call us at 877-721-4547 and schedule a free consultation at your local LightRx. These consultations take as little as 30 minutes and are private one on one consultations with the clinic director.


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