5 Tips to Achieve the Perfect Holiday Glow

The holidays are an excellent opportunity to take mini vacations, spread cheer and spend time with loved ones. With all the exciting changes in your schedule this season, it’s still important to make your skin care routine a priority. So, as we approach the end of 2023, let’s welcome the new year with a renewed focus on self-care. Here are 5 useful skin care tips to help you achieve the perfect holiday glow!

Stay Hydrated

Beautiful skin starts with nourishing it from within and drinking the suggested daily amount of water (roughly 4-6 cups daily) can make a big difference. Staying hydrated can benefit the body in numerous ways, from flushing out toxins to preventing acne—water is truly a wonderful drink! To strengthen its effectiveness in improving bodily functions and skin health, you should track your daily water intake and set hydration reminders on your phone. While it’s okay to enjoy sugary and acidic drinks in moderation, it’s recommended that you consume more water and continue with your usual cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing routine.

Watch What You Eat

Similar to water intake, the food you digest can have a significant impact on health. If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and noticed a new pimple, it’s natural to wonder if your diet is somehow responsible. Digesting heavy and salty foods can result in puffiness under the eyes, dehydration and acne breakouts. If the body is dehydrated from too much salt, the skin produces more oils as a natural moisturizer—and when combined with very dry skin, acne breakouts are prone to occur.

The skin is an organ and must maintain a steady supply of nutrients to support our skin’s functions. For example, protein is used to make collagen, which plumps up the skin to help heal wounds, while antioxidants like vitamins C and E protect the skin from air pollution and the sun. Eating a balanced diet with antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, healthy fats from oily fish and nuts, and adequate hydration will not only improve nutrition but help you achieve healthy, beautiful skin.

Invest In Quality Skin Care Products

A daily skin care routine must have high-quality products that improve your skin’s overall health and appearance. When choosing the right products, you should understand your skin’s needs and research what ingredients will benefit you. LightRx provides clients with helpful resources to tackle stubborn skin conditions with revolutionary treatments, aftercare tips and specialized skin care products. The highly acclaimed skin care line, Jan Marini, offers a wide range of hydrating skin care products packed with key ingredients that work simultaneously with LightRx treatments to provide maximum results across multiple skin concerns. Grab your Jan Marini products at your local LightRx clinic.


During the winter season, the dry and windy weather conditions can cause our skin to lose its natural moisture and become more susceptible to breakouts of rashes, redness or acne. That’s why it is essential to keep your skin hydrated with thick creams that contain ceramides, hyaluronic acid (HA) and petrolatum. Applying a moisturizer directly after a shower can help alleviate skin problems and enable the skin to lock in hydration. Additionally, replenishing the skin with vitamins and minerals can help increase elasticity while reducing visible signs of aging.

The Hyla3D™ Face Cream and Hyla3D™ Face Serum from Jan Marini are patented combinations of five advanced HA-supporting technologies that provide advanced barrier moisture to the skin in a lightweight cream. Perfect for nearly all skin types, the Hyla3D Face Cream and Serum also help enhance barrier function while immediately reducing water loss and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Once you’ve found a moisturizer packed with the ingredients you need, don’t forget to apply it to your face and neck daily for smooth and refreshed skin.

Book A HydraFacial

A relaxing HydraFacial from LightRx is just what your skin needs from time to time. Facials are perfect because they detox the skin and remove oil buildup while moisturizing all at once! This treatment is especially effective during the holidays when dryness is a common issue. The three-step process involves cleansing and peeling, extracting and hydrating, and fusing and protecting. The first step uncovers a new layer of skin through gentle exfoliation and resurfacing, improving skin texture. The second step removes debris from the pores and nourishes the skin with intense moisturizers. In the final step, antioxidants and peptides saturate the skin, giving it a natural, healthy glow. The HydraFacial is customized to meet your skin’s unique needs and promises noticeable results that’ll leave you feeling radiant and rejuvenated. Consider booking a free consultation with LightRx, and our Beauty Besties will help guide you through your HydraFacial journey.


Taking care of your skin is a form of self-care and can boost your confidence and overall well-being. So, don’t forget to set aside some time for yourself and indulge in activities that bring you joy and relaxation. By following these five useful tips this season, you can attain a healthy and radiant glow that will last long after the holidays. Happy Holidays, and have a glowing new year!

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