How to Get Body Contouring Without Surgery

If you are unsatisfied with your body image and are looking for a solution body contouring could be the answer you are searching for. If you have done any research into the subject many body contouring options come with the downsides of invasive surgeries, extensive downtime, and risk of bodily harm.

However, there are alternatives to the more traditional options such as liposuction, implants, and injections. You can see the results of traditional body contouring procedures without the surgery, the risks to your health, the discomfort, and the downtime. Some options available to you are laser lipo which uses lasers to reduce fat in the body, cellulite reduction, and other body contouring procedures done with a combination of lasers, radio frequencies and magnetic fields.

Many looking to lose weight in stubborn areas in the stomach or thighs consider liposuction as an option. Liposuction is an invasive surgical procedure that requires a patient to go under anesthesia, have a doctor make an incision, then insert a vacuum to suck the fat out of the body.

This often results in an overnight stay at a hospital and as a result a patient may have to take time off from work or at the very least disrupt their daily routine, wear a compression garment for weeks, and may cause infection, scarring, swelling, bruising, irregular or baggy skin, or other more serious side effects such as damage to organs, skin and nerves, blood or fat clots, lidocaine toxicity or fluid in the lungs. Traditional liposuction is draining on the patient’s body.



A good alternative to traditional liposuction is laser lipo. Simply put laser lipo, or laser liposuction, is a minimally invasive medical procedure that melts fat away under the skin. It does not involve any incision or vacuuming. Instead, low-level lasers are used to heat fat and cause it to melt away and be naturally processed out of the body. It is proven to eliminate fat and help you to achieve the body that you want. Just like traditional liposuction patients can undergo laser lipo to target the fat on your stomach, arms, thighs, love handles, or chin.

It is so unobtrusive that you can leave the clinic and get directly back to your daily routine with no downtime. Laser lipo is safe and effective and with the equipment and technology used at LightRx patients can undergo the procedure with minimal discomfort. In fact, 90% of patients report their treatment as comfortable. Laser lipo treatment is quick as well, with treatments taking as few as thirty minutes, with most treatments not exceeding an hour.

Losing weight is not the only body contouring option and if you are looking for a facelift or tummy tuck you could be facing a procedure that would leave you with bruising and swelling for days and could cost you upwards of $12,000. These surgeries also come with all the risks and downtime of liposuction, including the risk of infection, skin aberrations, having to miss days of normal activities, and the possibility of having to do the procedure multiple times.

If you are not looking to lose weight, but instead looking to remove cellulite, have a lift or tuck done in either the face, stomach, or buttocks there is a non-invasive, non-surgical option for you. Cellulite removal, skin tightening, facelifts, and other body contouring surgeries done through traditional surgical methods can be dangerous and can take you out of your daily routine as well as leave scars.

Injections and implants introduce foreign substances to the body which can be potentially hazardous to the body it is meant to aesthetically improve. Instead, patients can remove cellulite and tighten skin with radiofrequency technology.

The radio frequencies and magnetic pulses cause a thermal reaction in the tissue, causing the body’s natural healing process to respond and tighten the skin. The body does this by forming new collagen which then contracts and tightens the skin. Simply put, the procedure prompts and encourages the body’s built-in healing mechanisms for a natural solution to the problems. These skin tightening techniques work great on the face and neck area, but also work when targeting cellulite on the stomach, thighs, and buttocks.



Body contouring without surgery is possible. Patients can see results quickly and with no downtime, a greatly reduced risk of serious side effects, and in comfort. Body contouring without surgery is safe, clinically approved, and effective. Many people have seen the results they wanted and achieved their desired body with the help of non-surgical body contouring. As for cost, body contouring without surgery is often cheaper than its surgical counterpart.

Both pricing and the number of treatments will be determined during your free consultation and will depend on your desired weight loss goals and body contour desires. The best way to know exactly what you will be paying is by contacting us by calling 877-721-4547 and scheduling a consultation in one of our offices. These consultations take as little as 30 minutes and are private one on one consultations with the clinic director.

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