Top 3 Best Ways to Get Rid of Acne Scars

What are acne scars?


Acne scars are the result of inflamed acne blemishes. When acne pores swell there is a breakdown in the walls of the pore. This breakdown can cause damage that the body needs to heal. Sometimes it is small, and the scars created are not noticeable and heal quickly. Sometimes the damage to the walls is more extensive and the contents of the acne pore spill into the surrounding skin causing deeper scars.


There are two main types of acne scars. The first is indented which occurs when a scar develops due to a loss of tissue. The second is raised scar, which develops due to an over activity of collagen creation during healing.


Can you prevent acne scars?


The best and only way to truly prevent acne scarring is to prevent acne. Having a good skin care routine and keeping your skin clean will help with that. If you have acne, then you are at risk for acne scarring, and the less acne you have the less risk of scarring you will have.


What can get rid of acne scars?


There are several ways to reduce the visibility of acne scars, but scarring is permanent, and no scar will ever truly be removed. Some of these treatments work better than others and some do not work at all. The best treatments will make your scars nearly invisible.


Home remedies


Most home remedies are ineffective or minimally effective at best. You can use sunscreen to limit the contrast between the normal skin and the scar tissue. Furthermore, research has shown that almond oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, and vitamin E did nothing to remove scarring and any oil-based remedies might cause more acne. Additionally, you can cover the scars with makeup or facial hair which will camouflage the scarring.


Topical solutions


There are some topical solutions that have been shown to reduce the noticeability of scarring. Any cream with Retinol, lactic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, or salicylic acid has been shown to be effective. These acids work by breaking down collagen fibers in the scars and promote the growth of newer healthy collagen fibers. These products do not work the same for everyone and some experimentation might be needed to find the one that works best for you.



Steroid Injections


Some acne scars can be treated by cortisone steroid injections. To treat acne, it is injected directly into the affected area. Once injected it works to reduce inflammation. This kind of treatment does not work for everyone and is not effective for every kind of acne scarring.




There are some surgical options for acne scarring. There are surgeries for both raised acne scars and depressed acne scars. For depressed acne scars dermatologists can cut into the skin and raise the skin. This can eliminate smaller scars and make more serious scars less noticeable. As for raised scarring dermatologists can cut away at the scarring. This can also reduce noticeability for more serious scarring and eliminate smaller scars.


Dermal Fillers


Dermal fillers can be used to improve depressed acne scars. By injecting them into the skin they can help make these kinds of scars less noticeable. The most popular of these scars are Juvederm, Radiesse, and Restylane. They are made with hyaluronic acid, which naturally occurs in the skin. The major downside to this kind of treatment is that it is temporary, and you need to have the injections redone every six to twelve months depending on the kind of filler used.


Skin rejuvenation treatment at LightRx


FDA-cleared, clinically proven Venus Viva™ works to improve the overall texture of your skin by restructuring texture through the creation of new collagen fibers. Collagen is the skin fiber responsible for tightening and structuring the skin. They are also responsible for making scar tissue.


What often happens is they are overactive when creating scar tissue and as a result you get the permanent scarring. What the Venus Viva™ does is it breaks down the old collagen in the scar tissue and encourages new collagen to be made. This new collagen will work to make the scarring less noticeable.


Skin resurfacing is safe for men and women and terrific for treating acne scars. Venus Viva™ combines NanoFractional™ Radio Frequency (RF) and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields with SmartScan™ technology to safely deliver reparative heat to deeper layers of the skin without causing harm to any of the surrounding tissue. The RF tightens existing collagen fibers in the dermis while stimulating collagen production cells (fibroblast) to make new collagen for the skin. This process activates the body’s ability to naturally rebuild and regenerate collagen (Collagen Remodeling). As a result, scars are smoothed out, while discoloration is corrected, and skin tone and texture evened out.


The best thing about this treatment is that it is noninvasive, meaning that unlike surgery, there is no need for downtime and much less of a risk of serious side effects.


If you are interested in learning more about our treatments and want to know more, call us at 877-721-4547 or schedule a free consultation at your local LightRx. These consultations take as little as 30 minutes and are private one on one consultations with the clinic director.

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